Passive Music Amplifier for Phone

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I originally ordered these in December of last year. They arrived the day before Playa. My plan was to send them as a surprise thank you gift to PanicStream users that subscribed to the $5 monthly donation for 2019. The pandemic delayed and ultimately killed those plans. The funds simply aren't there in the budget as things have tightened up. Ironically, the very people I wanted to surprise with a thank you gift for 2019 are the same that have kept things afloat during 2020. I've been sitting on these all year hoping that things would improve so I could still do something to show my gratitude. PanicStream is entirely supported by the fans and I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of those in the community.

The idea was to have an amplifier for playing music on a phone in a hotel room while hanging out before and after a show. It's louder than the phone by itself but not so loud that security gets called. ;-) It requires no batteries or bluetooth connection and is lightweight and easy for traveling.

Most phones will fit with a slim case, including the new iPhone 12 Max Pro pictured 

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